2016-2017 Contests & Events

Information regarding District 5 Events/Contests will be posted under the event/contest as soon as it becomes available .

District 5 4-H events are registered online through 4-H Connect.

A county agent, the 4-H coordinator, or an agent designee is responsible for insuring that each 4-H Connect entry is correct before confirming it at the county level.

 All events have an entry registration deadline date.

  • Payments for entry in an event are due before the event. Entries must show as paid on 4-H Connect by Noon the Friday before the event.
  • Late payments will result in the 4-H member not being able to place or receive awards in the event.  However, the member may still participate.

AGE DIVISIONS:  Members must register in the appropriate division.

(Division is determined by grade in school on August 31)

  • Junior – Grades 3,4,5
  • Intermediate – Grades 6,7,8
  • Senior – Grades 9,10,11,12

Agents are responsible for policing qualifying entries at the county level.  The District Office, the event Judge, and/or the activity committee have the authority to question an entry and if validated, entries may be disqualified.

By registering online, the 4-H member gives permission to the District Office to share entry materials submitted for an event or photos taken at the event.

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